1945 Air Forces MOD APK v13.16 (Money, Fuel, VIP, One Hit)

Released on
Mar 5, 2019
May 6, 2024
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Elevate your 1945 Air Forces experience with this potent Mod APK. Unlock unrivaled power with:

  • Immortality: Never taste defeat again.
  • MOD MENU: Customize your gameplay on demand.
  • SPEED GAME: Accelerate the action for thrilling dogfights.
  • FREE SHOPPING: Upgrade your arsenal without limits.
  • UNLIMITED ENERGY: Fly missions endlessly, break every record.
  • GOD MODE: Become an unstoppable flying fortress.
  • ONE HIT KILL: Eliminate foes with a single decisive strike.
  • UNLOCK VIP 20: Access the ultimate power and prestige.

My Experience

As a seasoned 1945 Air Forces enthusiast, this mod transformed the game. The strategic flexibility, unlimited combat potential, and accelerated pace reignited my passion for aerial combat. If you crave absolute dominance and the ability to rewrite the rules of the skies, this mod is essential.

About 1945 Air Forces

This classic arcade shooter immerses you in the legendary air battles of World War II. Pilot iconic aircraft from the era, customize them to perfection, and engage in intense campaigns and multiplayer clashes.



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