Arknights MOD APK v22.1.21(God Mode, Auto Win) Download free

Released on
Feb 4, 2020
Apr 9, 2024
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Arknights, known for its strategic depth and gacha-style character collection, takes on a whole new dimension with this modded APK. Dive into a world where you dictate the outcome, with features designed for those who crave absolute control:

  • God Mode: Your operators become invincible. No more agonizing defeats or micromanagement.
  • Auto Win: Streamline your gameplay. Battles are decided in your favor, instantly.

My Experience

As a seasoned modder, I appreciate the clean implementation of these game-altering features. The God Mode and Auto Win options are seamlessly integrated, providing an effortless power trip for those who have already mastered the game’s intricacies. It’s a testament to the modder’s skill that the core gameplay experience remains intact, simply amplified to an exhilarating degree.

Game Overview

For those new to Arknights, this mobile RPG blends tower defense with character collection, set in a dystopian world ravaged by a mysterious infection. You lead a team of “Operators,” each with unique abilities, battling both the infection and hostile forces. The modded APK elevates this experience by removing the usual limitations, allowing you to explore the game’s lore and strategic possibilities unhindered.

Should You Download?

If you’re looking to experiment, challenge the AI in new ways, or simply steamroll through content you’ve already conquered, this mod is worth exploring. It’s a playground for those who appreciate the power of modification, offering a fresh perspective on a popular title.



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