Devil Hunter Idle Mod Apk 1.61 (God Mode, Mod Menu)

Released on
Jan 30, 2023
Apr 29, 2024
1.16 GB
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Introducing the Devil Hunter Idle Mod APK, your gateway to dominating the demonic hordes! This custom version unlocks a suite of potent features:

  • God Mode: Become invincible and laugh in the face of those pesky demons.
  • Mod Menu: Tailor your gameplay experience with this customizable control center.
  • Guest Login: Jump into the action without the hassle of creating accounts.
  • Attack Multiplier: Annihilate enemies with overwhelming damage output.
  • Fast Skill CD: Rapidly unleash devastating skills for unrelenting combos.

My Experience

This mod completely transformed my experience with Devil Hunter Idle. Grinding levels became effortless, allowing me to focus on the exhilarating combat and exploring the depth of character customization. While I typically prefer unmodded gameplay for most titles, this mod injected a fun and experimental edge into this action-packed idle game.

About Devil Hunter Idle

Step into the shoes of a half-demon, half-angel warrior locked in an eternal battle against the forces of darkness. Experience satisfyingly fluid combat with both melee and ranged options. Collect unique gear and personalize your combat style with a deep skill system.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that using mods can potentially destabilize games and may violate the Terms of Service.



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