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Apr 1, 2024
May 6, 2024
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While I generally prefer vanilla experiences, Ellen’s Garden Restoration was a charming exception. The core gameplay loop is your standard match-3 fare, addictive and enjoyable. But it’s the garden design element that truly shines. My inner landscape artist awoke as I transformed each space! That said, it’s not perfect…

The Good, The Bad, and the IAPs

  • The Good: Lush graphics, plenty of customization options, Ellen’s quips add a fun layer.
  • The Bad: Difficulty spikes harshly around level 50. Some design choices feel locked behind paywalls.

My Modded Experience

To combat the difficulty curve, I experimented with a modded APK. Be warned – this path is only for the technically comfortable. Here’s what I used:

  • Boosted Coins: Eased progression without breaking the fun.
  • Unlocked Items (Limited): A few key objects for specific themes.

Should YOU Try It?

  • Casual Player: Maybe stick with the official version, progression is fair initially.
  • Garden Design Lover: Absolutely! The creativity outweighs the grind with some patience.
  • Mod Enthusiast: Proceed with caution, but potential for a tweaked experience.

Ellen’s Garden Restoration in a Nutshell

A delightful match-3 puzzler with a green thumb twist. Progression can be frustrating, and the in-app purchase system is tempting. For experienced modders, light APK adjustments can smooth the rough patches and let the creativity bloom.



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