Going Balls Mod Apk 1.86 (Unlimited Money) Download

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Feb 2, 2021
May 31, 2024
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For those of you who crave a challenge and endless customization options, the Going Balls Mod APK is a must-have. It’s the same addictive rolling ball platformer, but with a twist:

  • Unlimited Money: Personalize your ball without limits. No more grinding for coins; unlock skins, trails, and upgrades right from the start. This mod gives you the freedom to express yourself and truly own the game.

My Experience:

I found the mod refreshingly liberating. It removed the artificial constraints of the original game and let me focus on what truly matters: mastering the intricate levels and showcasing my style. The unlimited money feature enhanced the overall experience, allowing me to experiment with different looks without worrying about resource management.

Game Overview:

Going Balls is a casual game where you navigate a ball through a series of increasingly difficult obstacle courses. The controls are simple, but the levels demand precision and timing. The mod doesn’t alter the core gameplay, ensuring the challenge remains intact.


If you’re looking to spice up your Going Balls experience, the mod APK is worth checking out. It’s a simple yet effective modification that injects a dose of creative freedom into the game. Download it, roll with unlimited resources, and let your imagination run wild.



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