Heaven Up: Go to Hell APK v1.0.4 (Latest) Download for Android

Zeze Game
Released on
Mar 18, 2024
Mar 20, 2024
104.62 MB
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Ready for a gravity-defying parkour experience with a life-altering twist? Heaven Up: Go to Hell APK delivers just that. This mod unlocks the full potential of the popular mobile game.

APK Features

  • Enhanced Difficulty Options: Challenge yourself with custom difficulty levels for a more intense parkour journey.
  • Early Access to Updates: Be the first to test new features and levels before the official release.

My Take

As an avid modder, I appreciate the clean interface and deeper customization options in Heaven Up: Go to Hell APK. While resource constraints can add strategic elements, sometimes you just want to test pure skill and level design. This APK facilitates that.

About the game

Heaven Up: Go to Hell is a visually stunning parkour game where you master gravity-bending jumps and navigate ethereal or hellish landscapes. Your parkour choices directly influence your character’s destiny.



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