Idle Breaker MOD APK 1.2.1 (Mega Menu) Free Download

Released on
May 24, 2023
May 6, 2024
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Looking to crush those zombies and build your base with limitless resources in Idle Breaker? This comprehensive mod APK unlocks everything you need for unbridled progression and crafting dominance.


  • Effortless Resource Gathering: Speed through harvesting, break down any material instantly, and enjoy those sweet Battle Pass rewards.
  • Infinite Crafting Arsenal: Stockpile unlimited materials, from basic wood and metal to advanced components and high-value scrap.
  • Multiplied Power: Become an unstoppable force with a damage multiplier and VIP status.
  • No More Ads: Focus on the action, not interruptions.
  • Tokens and Keys Galore: Max out those upgrade tokens and open loot crates with reckless abandon.

My Take

Let’s be real, the base game’s grind can be tiresome. This mod injects a burst of exhilarating freedom that many find appealing. It’s a trade-off: accelerated progression for possible stability issues sometimes associated with mods. If you’re up for the experiment, this APK delivers.

About Idle Breaker

This clicker-style survival game blends base-building with zombie combat. While the core gameplay is enjoyable, frequent ads and resource bottlenecks can slow your momentum.

Understanding Mods

Remember, mod APKs are unofficial. They can be unstable and compromise security. Always proceed with caution



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