Lonely Survivor Mod Apk 1.32.0 (God Mode, Max Gold) Download

Cobby Labs
Released on
Aug 4, 2022
Mar 20, 2024
892 MB
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I’ve always been a fan of roguelikes, and Lonely Survivor is a standout in the mobile space. If you’re looking to push your skills to the limit, this Mod APK ramps up the experience.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money: Upgrade your gear, buy essentials, and dominate the battlefield.
  • Max Gold: Stock up instantly. Perfect for quick progression and high-tier gear.
  • EXP Power: Level up rapidly and try new skill combinations without the grind.
  • Always Enable Magnet: Maximize loot collection without even trying.
  • God Mode: Pure carnage and experimentation await, become invincible.
  • Instant Kill: Dispatch hordes of enemies with satisfying ease.

My Experience

This mod offers completely new dimensions to an already fun game. Experimenting with extreme skills is a blast! I will say, though, use God Mode and Instant Kill sparingly – the real challenge lies in strategizing for long-term survival, even with a boost.

About Lonely Survivor

Lonely Survivor is a roguelike mobile game where you face relentless waves of monsters. Choose unique skills, combine them cleverly, and overcome any obstacle. Fast-paced action and tons of build variety ensure it stays fresh long after you download the original.



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