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Mar 21, 2024
May 6, 2024
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I’ve always enjoyed the satisfaction of a job well done, and Make It Perfect 2 taps directly into that feeling. While the early stages can feel simplistic, don’t be fooled – the complexity ramps up quickly. This game demands precision and focus, which I found oddly relaxing.

While sometimes I wished for slightly more intuitive controls, the overall challenge made the victories all the sweeter. If you enjoy the “micro-perfection” of puzzle games, and have a knack for visual manipulation, then Make It Perfect 2 could well be your new obsession.

About Make It Perfect 2

This sequel retains the core gameplay loop of the original – fixing, crafting, and assembling a variety of detailed objects. With enhanced graphics and even more intricate puzzles, it’s a clear step up for the series.

  • Developer: Moonlight Game Studio
  • Genre: Puzzle, Casual
  • Platform: Android



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