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Modern Community: My Hands-On Experience

I’ve always been a fan of match-3 and renovation games, so Modern Community immediately caught my eye. While I wouldn’t call it groundbreaking, it offers a few twists that kept me engaged.

Gameplay: Standard Yet Enjoyable

The core gameplay loop is what you’d expect. You solve match-3 puzzles to earn stars, and these stars are spent revamping homes and community spaces. It’s familiar territory, but the puzzles are well-designed with enough variety to prevent boredom.

The Twist: Storyline and Choices

Where the game tries to differentiate itself is the narrative woven through your design tasks. Residents have quirky stories, and your renovation choices can influence how these stories play out. It’s a bit cheesy at times, but I found it surprisingly fun to be part of their little dramas.

Renovation Freedom: Limited but Satisfying

The design choices don’t give you complete freedom like in a pure home design simulator. You’ll often pick between a few pre-defined options. However, the range of options is decent, and it’s ultimately satisfying to see your choices change the spaces.

Overall: A Casual Treat

Modern Community won’t replace your favorite simulation games, but it’s a polished, fun experience for casual play. If you enjoy match-3 puzzles with a dose of lighthearted drama, it’s worth checking out.



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