Perfect Grind MOD APK v1.3.4 (Unlock All/ Unlimited Money)

Released on
Nov 28, 2022
Aug 28, 2023
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Been itching to pull off sick grinds and killer tricks in Perfect Grind? Well, buckle up, because this MOD APK delivers. I’m not talking about a few measly coins – this unlocks the whole enchilada. Gear, characters, levels… it’s all yours for the taking.

My Take

Personally, I dig it. Perfect Grind’s arcade-style gameplay is a blast, and having access to everything from the get-go lets you experiment like crazy. Suddenly, those crazy combos you dreamed of? Easy. Want to rock that ridiculous outfit without grinding for hours? Done. Obviously, it takes a bit of the challenge away, but for messing around and honing skills, it’s the perfect sandbox.

The Goods

  • All Characters Unlocked: Rock as whoever you want, from the quirky to the cool.
  • Maxed Out Gear: Get your hands on those top-tier boards and upgrades.
  • Every Level Open: Explore the whole map, no restrictions.

About Perfect Grind

This one’s a total throwback to the classic arcade skateboarding titles. Intuitive controls, vibrant visuals, and a healthy dose of wacky fun make it a blast to play. If you’re craving a quick, satisfying skate session on mobile, Perfect Grind delivers.

Disclaimer: Remember, MOD APKs aren’t official releases. Use at your own risk, and support the original developers if you enjoy the game!



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