Potion Permit Mod Apk 1.47 (Unlimited Money) Download Free

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Feb 2, 2024
Mar 15, 2024
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I’ve been hooked on Potion Permit lately, and after delving into the world of mods, I have to say – the Mod APK opens up a whole new level! With unlimited money, you’ll never be short on ingredients for the most experimental and ambitious brews.

Key MOD Feature

Unlimited Money: The core of this mod grants you an endless supply of coins, removing the grind and letting you focus entirely on perfecting your potions and building relationships within Moonbury.

My Experience

The freedom this mod provides is a breath of fresh air. I started tackling the rarest illnesses without worrying about costs, and my satisfaction levels skyrocketed! Experimentation becomes so much more fun. Plus, having funds on-hand lets you upgrade your home and clinic to the max way sooner.

Potion Permit: A Sim Worth Exploring

Even without mods, Potion Permit offers a charming and engaging simulation experience. Gather ingredients, diagnose quirky townsfolk, and discover the satisfying process of creating remedies. The added layer of romance and town development keeps things interesting even after your brewing skills are top-notch.

Disclaimer: Remember that using mods can impact your original gameplay experience. Always back up your saves before diving in!



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