Puzzles & Survival MOD APK 7.0.145 (Unlimited Resources)

Released on
Oct 2, 2020
Apr 3, 2024
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If you love the strategic heart of Puzzles & Survival but find the resource grind tedious, the MOD APK is the upgrade you’ve been craving. Imagine a world where money is no object – expand your sanctuary at will, upgrade your troops without limits, and assemble the ultimate anti-zombie force.

Unlock the Unlimited Possibilities with the MOD

  • Focus on Strategy: Forget agonizing over resource shortages and dive headfirst into tactical brilliance. Experiment with bolder base designs and execute those high-damage match-3 combos without restraint.
  • Accelerated Growth: Experience the satisfaction of rapid progress. Instantly power up your heroes, erect formidable defenses, and become the dominant force in your wasteland.
  • A New Kind of Challenge: While the survival aspect takes a backseat, the MOD allows you to test new strategies and push your creativity against the unrelenting zombie horde.

My Experience: A Game Unleashed

Picture this – the thrill of watching your perfectly built base repel wave after wave of the undead. The MOD transformed Puzzles & Survival into a pure strategic playground. Yes, the relentless struggle for survival is diminished, but the amplified tactical freedom more than made up for it.

About Puzzles & Survival

Puzzles & Survival delivers a thrilling blend of match-3 combat and base-building in a zombie apocalypse setting.  It’s free-to-play, continuously updated, and boasts a massive player base.  This MOD is the perfect way to experience the game at its most unrestrained.

Important Note: Please understand that MOD usage can alter the game’s design and may have unforeseen consequences. If you thrive on the challenge of survival as intended by the developers, the vanilla experience still delivers exceptional gameplay.

Ready to dominate the wasteland?



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