Download Swordash Mod Apk 2.0.11 (Unlimited money/Gems)

Released on
May 31, 2023
Mar 7, 2024
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Swordash Mod Apk: Enhance Your Zombie-Slaying Adventure

Looking to push Swordash beyond its limits? This custom mod delivers serious upgrades for a power-packed experience.

Key MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money: Stock up on powerful gear and upgrades without financial restrictions.
  • Unlimited Gems: Customize and enhance your weapons and armor to the max.
  • No Dash Cost: Dash your way through hordes with boundless stamina.
  • One Hit Kills: Turn the tide against even the toughest zombies.

Why I Use This Mod

This mod takes the thrill of Swordash to the next level. It eliminates resource grinding, letting you focus on pure, combo-driven action against the unrelenting dead. While it definitely skews the difficulty, this can be great for mastering new moves and experimenting with builds.

About Swordash

Swordash is a fast-paced action RPG set in a zombie apocalypse. Wield an array of weaponry and upgradeable skills to survive. Fans of cinematic action and flashy combat will find plenty to love here.



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