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May 6, 2024
May 29, 2024
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Survival hangs in the balance in a world scorched by nuclear fallout. That’s Not My Kind thrusts you into the heart of this ravaged landscape, where your judgment is the last line of defense against a relentless tide of mutants. As a hardened gatekeeper of the Mutant Detection Unit, you’ll face an endless parade of desperate souls seeking refuge—but not all are what they seem.

Intense Gameplay and Verdict

Get ready for a pulse-pounding experience where every second counts. Each individual approaching the gate is a ticking time bomb, their true nature veiled beneath a deceptive facade. Scrutinize their every detail, from the glint in their eyes to the subtle tremor of their limbs. Every decision you make is a gamble, a life-or-death wager with the fate of humanity at stake.

The adrenaline rush is undeniable as you race against the clock, your senses heightened by the relentless pressure. The game’s stark visuals and haunting soundtrack further immerse you in this bleak and unforgiving world. However, be warned: the repetitive nature of the task can wear on your nerves, and the intrusive ads may test your patience.

Key Features That Define Your Mission

  • Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland: Step into a world scarred by nuclear devastation, where hope is a flickering flame and danger lurks around every corner.
  • Guardian of the Gate: Become the unwavering shield that separates humanity from the monstrous hordes that seek to infiltrate their sanctuary.
  • Split-Second Judgment: Your instincts are your greatest weapon. Analyze every nuance, every subtle anomaly, to expose the mutants in disguise.
  • Adrenaline-Fueled Race: The clock is your enemy. Can you maintain your composure under the relentless pressure of time?

Final Verdict

That’s Not My Kind is a thrilling ride that will push your decision-making skills to the limit. It delivers an intense and immersive experience, albeit with a few rough edges. If you crave a heart-pounding challenge in a post-apocalyptic setting, this game is worth a shot. Just be prepared to face the consequences of your choices—the fate of humanity rests in your hands.



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