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Top God: Idle Heroes is a mobile RPG that’s garnered a significant player base. While it offers a surface-level idle experience with auto-battles, there’s more to the game than meets the eye.

Key Features and Considerations for Modding

Idle Gameplay with Auto-Battles

Top God: Idle Heroes allows you to progress even while away from the game. This system can be a double-edged sword for modders. While it simplifies grinding, it also reduces direct player control. Consider focusing mods on enhancing strategic elements or automation features.

Hero Collection and Progression

The game boasts a vast roster of heroes to collect and upgrade. This presents a prime opportunity for modders. Explore possibilities for streamlining hero acquisition, introducing new upgrade paths, or even creating custom heroes.

Multiple Game Modes

Top God offers various game modes, including campaigns, dungeons, and PvP arenas. Modders can target specific modes for deeper strategic experiences or introduce entirely new challenges.

In Conclusion

Top God: Idle Heroes provides a solid foundation for RPG modding. With its diverse hero roster, multiple game modes, and auto-battle mechanics, the game offers a compelling sandbox for creative minds.



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