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Apr 8, 2024
Apr 8, 2024
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Let’s cut to the chase: Twerk Run Launcher is a mixed bag. The concept – a launcher with a twerking-themed progression system – is undeniably eye-catching, but the execution is rough.

The Bad

Performance lags were noticeable on my device (a [insert your phone model]), and the overall UI felt unpolished. The “twerking” gameplay is repetitive, and frankly, not all that well-integrated with the launcher functionality.

The Surprisingly Good

Despite its flaws, the launcher offers some surprisingly robust customization options. I was able to tweak my homescreen layout and icons in ways my stock launcher didn’t allow. If you’re into heavy personalization, there might be something here.

Bottom Line

Twerk Run Launcher is a curiosity. It won’t replace your main launcher anytime soon, but if you’re an experienced modder looking for something quirky and can tolerate some jankiness, it might be worth a try. Just don’t expect a polished experience.

About Twerk Run Launcher

This launcher app overlays a “twerk”-themed progression system onto your phone. As you collect in-game items, your character model gains, well, more pronounced features. This unlocks new launcher customization options.



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