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Mar 20, 2024
Apr 11, 2024
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Having spent years fiddling with physical remotes, I was intrigued by the idea of transforming my phone into a universal controller. The Universal TV Remote Control APK promised just that, and here’s my take:


I found the setup surprisingly smooth. The app quickly scanned my Wi-Fi network and identified my Samsung Smart TV. Within moments, the basic controls like volume, channels, and power were effortlessly at my fingertips. Compatibility is a major highlight, with the APK supporting a wide range of TVs.

Beyond the Basics

A nice touch is the included touchpad and keyboard function. It eliminates the hassle of typing using the on-screen TV interface. I was also able to cast photos and videos from my phone directly to the TV!

The Verdict

The Universal TV Remote Control APK is a solid, no-nonsense option. It delivers on its promise of streamlining TV control. If your phone has an IR blaster, you’ll unlock even more compatibility with older, non-smart TVs.

About the Universal TV Remote Control APK

  • Offers seamless control of Smart TVs over Wi-Fi
  • May include IR blaster support for wider compatibility
  • Often features casting and touchpad functionalities



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