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Mar 6, 2024
May 8, 2024
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For those familiar with the classic web RPG Wartune, Wartune Ultra APK brings the beloved game to mobile with a fresh coat of paint. This turn-based strategy experience retains the core gameplay of city construction, Sylph recruitment, and battling the forces of darkness alongside allies.

Key Features

  • Classic Turn-Based Strategic RPG Gameplay: Engage in tactical combat, strategically deploying your forces to overcome enemies.
  • City Construction and Management: Build and upgrade your city to bolster your power and resources.
  • Diverse Character Classes: Select from a roster of distinct classes like Knights, Mages, and Archers, each with unique strengths and abilities.
  • Competitive PVP Battles: Test your mettle against other players in thrilling PVP battles.
  • Guild System: Foster camaraderie and forge alliances with friends through the guild system, working together to overcome challenges.
  • Cross-Language Communication: Connect with players worldwide and build a diverse community, overcoming language barriers through integrated communication tools.


Wartune Ultra APK boasts a strong foundation in classic RPG mechanics with the added benefit of mobile accessibility. This combination should appeal to fans of the original Wartune and those seeking a strategic RPG experience on the go.



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